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Certified Chile Pepper Seed from Hatch, New Mexico!

Solar Dry Chile has been in business since 1945. We are certified seed growers that produce the highest quality seed on the market. Our Big Jim variety was developed right here on the farm and named after the founder, the late Jim Lytle.

The New Mexico 6 variety is one of our foundation varieties that was developed by NMSU. It is a mild chile pepper with super flavor with 5 to 8 inch pods.

The Big Jim is a medium hot variety with unmatched flavor. The pod size is 7 to 12 inches. While green, it makes a good chile relleno. The dry red chile is used to make red enchilada sauce.

Big Jim Legacy PeppersOur Legacy variety was also developed right here on the farm by Jim, June, and Faron Lytle. Legacy is a mild to medium variety with very thick meat and small seed core. FLAVOR, FLAVOR, FLAVOR!! Pod size is 8 to 10 inches and also used for green rellenos and red enchilada sauce.

The Sandia variety is another one of our foundation seeds. It is a hot pepper that is well liked in the southwest. Pod size ranges from 5 to 9 inches, with a spicy chile flavor.

Our Lumbre variety was also developed here on the farm .It is a relatively new pepper that has not yet been certified. It is a super extra hot chile with a very spicy taste. The pod size is 4 to 7 inches. It serves as a good additive to make mild peppers spicier.

Ms. Junie is my latest addition developed here on the farm. Ms. Junie is a hot variety: 6 to 10 inch pods, 9000 to 10,000 SHU, thick meat, but still sundries very well. One of the heaviest yielding chile peppers ever developed.

Also available are seeds for Jalapeno, Yellow Hot, Guajillo, Piquin, Butch "T" Scorpion, Mira Sol and World Record Big Jim.

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